Drama Queens

Some people really just have the knack for blowing everything out of proportions and reacting excessively. Their actions are beyond me and I often wonder what I need to do to handle such people?

I have two drama queens around me. The first crown goes to my paternal grandmother. The second goes to my mother. Funny thing is they have a mutual dislike for each other.

Getting to Know a Bit About the Drama Queens

My Grandma already lost her husband, my Grandfather bless his soul, for quite some time and she’s been living with us for two years now. She used to live with my cousins who I guess pampered her a lot emotionally whenever she’s having her drama queen episodes. Her favorite is walking ever so slowly whenever she’s around other people, as if shouting to us she’s so weak to walk and blames it on the rod on her mended broken leg. However, I swear she walks just fine when she thinks she’s alone and no one is watching! It wasn’t just me, even my Dad, her son, saw her walking fast and fine. And well, that was just an example, she has a lot more under her sleeves. I know what she does but I have no idea why she does it.

My mother is a drama queen ever since I can remember. She’s the inspiration for this post today and she’ll never know it, ha! She just had one of her episodes today, two of her many favorites – outbursts and tantrums. I guess it wouldn’t be a problem if she does it occasionally but I guess her day would cry if she doesn’t have such episodes. She is very skilled at finding the smallest things a big problem! God, how I wish and implore it be the last one. I know it is impossible but I’m going to pray anyway, maybe he’ll give me a few days or maybe a miracle like a month of peace.

It took me a long time, around when I was in college, to notice how she uses such antics to manipulate the family to make things go her way. She is also very skilled at constructing her sentences in an emotionally manipulating way leaving a bad taste in one’s mouth. If she and I were of the same age, as sad as it is, I wouldn’t be friends with her. Her antics are the kind that is contagious and it scares me. Sometimes, I notice myself using the same antics to get what I want without even knowing it. I only realize it when the deed is done and it makes me dislike myself.

Just to be clear, I don’t hate both of them, they are family. It’s just that I have no liking for this part of their selves. It stresses not only me but also my sister out.

Doesn’t Solve Anything0097a6136d6c631e02d23d4af7f05404

Why the need for excessive emotional outbursts? Why act in front of your loved ones instead of being one’s self? If you want to get something done then do it head on, with the most efficient way. That’s how I’d do it. I guess that makes me come out a bit unfeeling. Still I’d rather control the things I can and leave the things I can’t and work around it. We have to understand that there is no such thing as being perfectly in control of whatever happens. Unnecessary outburst or tantrums doesn’t solve anything. Wouldn’t that be less stressful for yourself and the people around you?

I sometimes thought if they need emotional support or something, but what would that do? Again, it doesn’t solve the problem! Will it still make you feel better even if the problem is still there, unsolved and poking you on the ass? Honestly, they make me wonder what goes on in their minds but at the same time I don’t even want to know.


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