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Spank Me!

Where I come from, spanking a misbehaving child is generally allowed. Of course it is a gray in between black and white. Any form of abuse, I mean the kind of which beating a child is constant whether or not the child is misbehaving, is frowned upon and would get you to prison here.

I’ve had my fair share of spanking when I was a child. In the family, absurd as it may sound but we have levels of disciplining a child. Getting a scolding is the lowest form and if that doesn’t work then it elevates to physical punishment. Spanking with the hand is the lowest level of physical punishment, highest would be with a belt. I tasted spanking with hand, slippers, stick, pencil, broom and belt.

Discipline in My Family

In my parents’ defense, they weren’t abusive. They did only spank us when we were misbehaving. I’ve only been spanked by a belt once and it took a week for the bruises on my calves to heal. I was watching a cartoon when my mother wanted to turn the TV off because she wanted to sleep and couldn’t because of the noise. It got me so mad I lashed out at her, banging and throwing stuff. I can’t say I got what I deserved because that was one hell of a painful experience which made me hate my mother for as long as it took the bruises to heal. My dad either uses his hand or a slipper and he would always spank our butts. He doesn’t really spank us as often as my mother and grandmother does but we still fear him. He’s fearful when he gets mad.

My grandmother takes the winner when it comes to spanking. I loathe her for that. She uses whatever she could get her hands with. A stick, slipper, stick of the broom, you name it. I remember getting my hands beaten with a pencil when she taught me how to write. I swear I could have been a leftie or maybe ambidextrous if she didn’t beat me for it. I remember I’d always grab the pencil with my left hand but because I’d get beaten, I learned to write with my right hand. She’s worst especially if our parents weren’t around. My dad and her would always fight over how she’s ‘disciplining’ us.

Looking back, me and my siblings were pretty obedient children compared to children nowadays. Back then we understood what it means to behave in public, we understood the word ‘no’, doesn’t mean we agreed but we understood whatever it was was off limits and we obeyed. The spanking got lesser when we reached high school. And now that we are all adults, we either have a cold war or talk about our disagreements.

I Would

If you ask if I’d spank my children too? Well, if I ever have some (which is close to impossible because I don’t like children), I would, how my parents brought us up worked. We all have jobs, without any vices (smoking, drugs, etc.). Well, my brother and I do drink occasionally, my sister on the other hand totally dislike any drink with alcohol content. All I can say is we’ve been brought up right and spanking as a way of discipline was part of that.

Physical vs Verbal Pain

One thing I’ve learned is that no matter what heavy of a punishment I got before, nothing beats angry words. Physical pain fades overtime but angry words and hurt feelings leave a scar that can’t be healed. I’d rather have them spank me for misbehaving than be hurt by the people I love.


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