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I am La Vierge Draco

Born a Virgo in the year of the Dragon, hence the title of this blog,into a third-world Asian country. I grew up in small city and from humble beginnings, with both a father and a mother in the picture, throw in an older sister and an older brother, and lastly a very annoying maternal grandmother who I barely get along with. Safe to say I grew up with a complete family, with an unwanted but still bearable extra person.

Did I forget to say that I am the youngest, and technically the second daughter in the family? Lucky me? That’s a big fat lie. Being born the youngest doesn’t mean you’re the favorite in the family. It means you get all the hand-me downs, barely the new ones. You get the last say in almost everything that needs to be shared among siblings. You get to be compared with the eldest daughter, every tiring time. You get to be forgotten most of the time. Besides, it is the brother who get to be the favorite because he’s the ‘only boy’ in the family.

Yes, this post reeks of childhood butthurt feelings, won’t be the last too, that had been bottled up and never got out, well until now. Although this is just the smoke from the whole boiling pot. I am done with the boiling and it is time to let off steam and pour all that boiling water out. Of course this blog won’t just be about full of bitter posts but as well as the things I have learned over the years.

On a positive note, I didn’t grow up to be a drug addict or a broken person. In fact, all those experiences made me who I am now. Although I am not perfect but I am me. I am La Vierge Draco.


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